Gregory Cooper



I am a self-taught, Chicago born artist/designer with deep roots in Street-Art. Though well versed in a multitude of artistic disciplines, I find my true passion in the realm of paint and I strive to breathe new life into this ancient and timeless form of communication by bridging the gap between fine art and interactive installations. Rather than create pieces that are just to be observed, I aim to make art that is not only awe inspiring, but that actually inspires people to create art for themselves. My pieces and installations are all forged with 3 main goals:

  1. To surprise, startle, or even disrupt the observer/visitor out of their status quo and take them, even if only subconsciously, into a new and dynamic heads-pace themed with archetypical imagery and symbolism that demands a deeper look; a deeper and, unknowingly introspective look. All art is a mirror after all.


  1. To serve as a reminder of all the personal goals, promises, and successes that, that we share only with our inner voice. I hope my work can offer unspoken reassurance and self-confidence in those future accomplishments, inspire trust in oneself and community to standby by and honor promises archetypal, emotional, and aesthetic memory


  1. And last, most importantly, to inspire the observer/visitor to reignite and/or continue to nourish creativity and artistic expression within themselves. Through technique, aesthetic, and presentation I aim to create art that brings our societal concept of fine art into a realm of accessibility that is all encompassing and inspiring without any social, special, or economic limitation.


Art is powerful, and always has been, but only recently have we had the technology and tools of accessibility to truly utilize the power of art to its fullest potential. Art in combination with community has been at the forefront of every major revolution of progress, and here, we are in an era of global communication; I know that together there isn’t any change, solution, or reality that we can’t create.



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